Route Royale,
Pointe aux Canonniers, Mauritius

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Why retire in Mauritius?

The first advantage of retiring in Mauritius is of course to enjoy the end of life in a setting that is both peaceful and visually extraordinary, you will discover new sumptuous settings and meet equally fascinating people without ever having to worry about trivial things like a miserable climate (or almost never anyway!)

The second advantage that you will find in living your retirement in Mauritius is that you can go about your business most of the time without ever having the slightest worry, in this place life moves forward in its own way and nothing is as rushed as in a more active city (like the big cities of France.)

The third advantage, and not the least, is that it is scientifically proven that a calm and stress-free life allows you to live longer and thus enjoy your retirement in Mauritius even longer. Your life expectancy will increase significantly without you even realizing it, you will almost feel younger as it will look like a very long vacation in the sun.

Mauritius, land of rest and pleasure
Life is much more relaxed so do not hesitate to be one of the many people who will live their retirement in Mauritius, you will not be out of place and will still be able to practice almost all the activities you commonly practice, you will not you could ask for nothing but to retire in Mauritius, it will simply be a very long vacation devoid of daily inconveniences.

In addition, you can invite the rest of your family to a heavenly place when they themselves are on leave, a real bargain, so many advantages, no disadvantages.

Living in Mauritius, WHY?

  • The reputation of the Mauritian people for hospitality, kindness and hospitality is well established.
  • Heavenly setting, made of beaches, white sand and turquoise water.
  • Quality infrastructure (port, airport, road networks, schools, hospitals, etc.).
  • Changing your life in a French-speaking country where you feel good, stable where the official language is English, of which French is the most used.
  • Simple and fast business creation.
  • Reside in a country where the cost of living is much lower than in Europe
  • Financial sector (banks, insurance, etc.) dynamic.
  • Investor protection.
  • Simplified and easy granting of permits and licenses.
  • Make a good rental investment.